Date Featuring Type Link!
August 1 Didi (Columbus), Jordan O'Jordan, Try the Pie (Bay Area), Amenta Abioto (PDX) Music RSVP
August 2 Wizard Apprentice, Myra Maines, Krazyl Music RSVP
August 3 Queer & POC Comedy @Woodland Theater Hosted By Mycole Comedy RSVP
August 5 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP
August 8 Theo Grizol, Your Heart Breaks, Shark Shark Music RSVP
August 12 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP
August 12 Stop Motion Animation 101 Workshop RSVP
August 17 Ononos, Corey J. Brewer, Meridian Arc Music RSVP
August 18 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP
August 24 Micahel Hurley, Josephine Foster, Larry Yes, Lori Goldston Music RSVP
August 26 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP
September 2 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP

Weird Signals is a modest and professionally equipped recording studio operated by long-time Seattle producer Kenneth M. Piekarski. Rates are made to be affordable and accessible to both emerging and established artists. For inquiries send an email to: or visit

$20/day or $25/month

4 color press / flash dryer / screen burning and washout sink

Great for printing t-shirts, posters, etc


Woodland Theater

Woodland Theater is a multiuse creative complex helping to make space for artists in Seattle, occasionally hosting workshops, and events for performers.