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January 25 Slashed Tires record release with Peg, Marlo Kapsa, +guests Music Facebook RSVP

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Weird Signals is a modest and professionally equipped recording studio operated by long-time Seattle producer Kenneth M. Piekarski. Rates are made to be affordable and accessible to both emerging and established artists. For inquiries send an email to: or visit

$20/day or $25/month

4 color press / flash dryer / screen burning and washout sink

Great for printing t-shirts, posters, etc


Woodland Theater

Woodland Theater is a multiuse creative complex helping to make space for artists in Seattle, occasionally hosting workshops, and events for performers.

Date Featuring Type Link!
July 13 PETS , Hoop , Arrington de Dionyso Music
July 29 Bus Man (new music from Simon Henneman) Music
August 3 Listen Lady, Spit-take, TBD Music
August 4 Friendship Commanders, Killandwake, PissWand Music
August 11 The Groans, Amethyst De Wolfe reading Queer Missed Connections, Mud on My Bra, Your Heart Breaks, Seaside Tryst Music
August 13 How to become a self-employed artist in Seattle with Jenny MacLeod Workshop
August 16 Paint & Sip with Kelly Froh (a fundraiser for Short Run)(21+) Workshop
August 19 Scott Yoder, Sunday Night Heat, TBA Music
August 31 In//Via, Lonesome Leash, Terror/Cactus, Amethyst de Wolfe Music
September 16 Tiny Vipers, Kunnka, Dylan Carlson (EARTH) & Lori Goldston Music
October 6 Heatwarmer, Sama Dams, Whitney Ballen Music
October 21 Sundae Crush, Señor Fin, Younger Shoulder Music RSVP
October 27 Antonioni, Sundae Crush, Emma Lee Toyoda, Whitney Ballen Music RSVP
October 28 Math & Physics Club, Zebra Hunt, A Certain Smile Music RSVP
November 30 Who Is She?, Anna McClellin, Thick Paint, Baby Jessica Music RSVP
December 1 Thank You, Cyrus Gengras, The Fur Coats, Select Level Music RSVP
December 3 Racer Sessions Music
December 10 Racer Sessions Holiday Special Music
December 11 Heatwarmer, Poppet, TBA Music RSVP
December 31 New Years Eve (Private Event) with: iji, Your Heart Breaks, Slashed Tires, Lake , Flying Fish Cove, Amity Whorl Music RSVP
January 12 Black Belt Eagle Scout, Peg, Nsayi Matingou (of Kusikia) Music RSVP
January 19 The Domestics, Ruler, Great Spiders Music RSVP
February 2 Rainwater, Olivia White, Fine Music RSVP
February 3 Tiny Vipers, VVaves, Lori Goldston and Chris Icasiano Music RSVP
February 10 Cast Iron Maidens, John Bellows, Bret Koontz Music RSVP
February 17 smileswithteeth (montreal), WMD, Taylar Elizza Beth, Ings Music RSVP
February 23 PETS, Ancient Forrest, Lake Laundry Music RSVP
February 24 Thousands, Similar Fashion (LA), Hunter Gather Music RSVP
February 27 Chastity Belt, Joe Waine, +Special Guest Music RSVP
March 3 Manybest, Faint Peter, The North Country, Marina and the Dreamboats Music RSVP
March 22 SymSynComCon, Neil Welch, Lori Goldston / Greg Kelley / Dave Abramson, Noel Kennon Music RSVP
March 24 Jordan O’ Jordan, Detective Agency, Sara Renberg, Carly Sparkly Music RSVP
March 30 Portable Morla, Paisley Devil, Real Guy Music RSVP
April 6 Portable Morla, Paisley Devil, Real Guy Music RSVP
April 19 Evan Greer, Jamoca Brown, Sunday Night Heat Music
April 22 Coley Mixan, Mmuumm, Wynne Greenwood Music
April 28 Little Wings, Lee baggat, Your Heart Breaks Music
May 5 Salami Rose Joe Louis (San Diego, CA), Cheflee (Oakland, CA), Estimate, Klefto Music RSVP
May 17 Karl Blau, Adrian Teacher and the Subs, Dogbreth, Slashed Tires Music
June 09 Generifus, 129,600, Guests Music RSVP
June 10 Happy And You Know It, Kissing Is A Crime, Lark Music RSVP
June 29 Blush: DYR, Nick Charles, Ahmann Dance Night
July 28 The Crabs, Space Daze (Danny from Seapony), Flying Fish Cove Music RSVP
July 29 Bach & Pancakes Music RSVP
August 1 DIDI (Columbus), Jordan O'Jordan, Amenta Abioto Music RSVP
September 6 Joe Waine, Noel Brass Jr., Ancient Forest Music RSVP
September 13 Alpinist Trio, Sean Lane, Bill Horist Music RSVP
September 14 Besitos, Monique Marie, dadbod Music RSVP
September 21 Richard Bishop, Lori Goldston, Tashi Dorji, Aaron Turner Music RSVP
September 30 Wizard Apprentice, Julius Smack, Slashed Tires, Da Queen Music RSVP
October 4 Whitney Ballen, Mini Blinds, Mistiest Music RSVP
October 19 February Album Release with Cha & Crows at a Crosswalk Music RSVP
October 27 The Graveyard Smash at Woodland Theater w/ Special Guests Music RSVP
November 1 Lori Goldston, Kee Avil, Black Givre, A.F. Jones Music RSVP
November 10 Douse, Bread Pilot, Super Projection Music RSVP
November 30 Comedy Night Hosted by Mycole Brown Comedy Facebook RSVP
December 1 Stephen Steinbrink, Outdoor Voices, Hoop Music Facebook RSVP
January 12 Nudity, Scott Yoder, Melt Music Facebook RSVP
February 2 Queer/PoC Comedy Night Hosted by Mycole Brown Comedy Facebook RSVP
February 22 Queer/PoC Comedy Night Hosted by Mycole Brown Music Facebook RSVP
April 28 ManDate, Wizard Apprentice, Scott Yoder Music Facebook RSVP
May 9 Bad Luck, Lydia Lund, Teton Music Facebook RSVP
May 17 Jigsaw Records Closing Party Part I: Soft Reputation, King Sheim, Collate Music Facebook RSVP
May 18 Jigsaw Records Closing Party Part II: Cozy Slippers, Sleuth, Rose Melbert (with friends) Music Facebook RSVP
May 24 The Berries, Desiree Cannon, Levi Thomas, Merz and the Humblers Music Facebook RSVP
June 09 Jayomi / Power Skeleton / Maneken Hand / Rachael's Children Music Facebook RSVP
June 21 Ever Ending Kicks / Sonoda / New Balance / 129,600 Music Facebook RSVP
June 28 Narin Vann, Mitch Mitchell, Bernice Jing Ye, Cara Rosellini, and LLynn Marks Music Facebook RSVP
October 10 Free Music, Slashed Tires, Abbey Blackwell Music Facebook RSVP
November 3 Bad Moves, iji, Your Heart Breaks Music Facebook RSVP