Date Featuring Type Link!
September 13 Alpinist Trio, Sean Lane, Bill Horist Music RSVP
September 14 Besitos, Monique Marie, dadbod Music RSVP
September 21 Richard Bishop, Lori Goldston, Tashi Dorji, Aaron Turner Music RSVP
September 30 Wizard Apprentice, Julius Smack, Slashed Tires, Da Queen Music RSVP
October 4 Whitney Ballen, Mini Blinds, Mistiest Music RSVP

Weird Signals is a modest and professionally equipped recording studio operated by long-time Seattle producer Kenneth M. Piekarski. Rates are made to be affordable and accessible to both emerging and established artists. For inquiries send an email to: or visit

$20/day or $25/month

4 color press / flash dryer / screen burning and washout sink

Great for printing t-shirts, posters, etc


Woodland Theater

Woodland Theater is a multiuse creative complex helping to make space for artists in Seattle, occasionally hosting workshops, and events for performers.